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Hundreds of Miami Northwestern High School students held a peaceful walkout to protest gun violence following a Liberty City apartment shooting, which claimed the lives of two of their classmates and left two others injured.

According to CBS Miami, “The students are angry and upset about continuing gun violence in their neighborhood, which took two more lives Sunday including 17-year-old Northwest Senior High student Kimson Green and former student Ricky Dixon, 18….Another Northwestern High 12th grade student and an unidentified fourth person both survived.”

The young victims were apparently sitting on the lawn outside a row of apartments when gunfire erupted. The tragedy is part of “an escalating wave of violence” in the community, per CBS Miami reports.

Preventing Youth Violence

The CDC has released a group of strategies to help communities and states sharpen their focus on prevention activities with the greatest potential to prevent youth violence and its consequences. Read the full report here.


Victims of Miami Apartment Violence: Know Your Rights

Families should not be afraid in their own homes. While community leaders and law enforcement work to end violence in the Liberty City and Brownsville neighborhoods, local apartment owners must do their part to deter crime and protect residents. Apartment residents and guests have a right to be safe and secure while on the premises.  By law, apartment owners and management companies have a duty to protect residents from any foreseeable harm. For example, should an apartment owner have knowledge of prior violence and criminal activity in the surrounding area, they must take reasonable steps to protect residents and deter future crime. Additional security measures may include gated-entry, fencing, bright lighting, security patrols, surveillance cameras, emergency call boxes, and off-duty police patrols. Should a property owner fail in this critical duty, they may be held civilly liable for any injuries or deaths which occur as a consequence.

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