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ProperLighting-298x300Apartment owners have a responsibility to protect their residents from violent crime, sexual assault, and foreseeable harm. Unfortunately, owners all too often fail to implement and/or maintain critical security measures, leaving residents and their guests vulnerable.

Proactive, Active and Reactive Security

Apartment owners and property managers should employ a variety of security measures to both deter and respond to injuries, violent crimes and sexual assaults. Bravo Three, a private security company, recommends apartment owners invest in a mix of proactive, active and reactive security measures.

“Proactive security is any measure that is set in place that will deter criminal activity before it happens….The most important aspect in all of security is providing a visual deterrent.” -Bravo Three

  • Are all parking areas, grounds, hallways, stairwells, and common areas well-lit?
  • Does landscaping minimize hiding places and provide strong sight-lines?
  • Is the perimeter secured with gated and/or guarded entry and fencing?
  • Are visible surveillance cameras positioned throughout property as a deterrent?
  • Are residences equipped with deadbolts, door viewers, window locks, and sliding door security bars?
  • Are pool areas secure after-hours with working locks and alarms?

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